rob wilton
Aerial HD Media, Photography, Web Design
Professional photography, and radio controlled aircraft videography. I build my own aerial camera platforms with state of the art  motion stability technology. I offer high resolution, beautifully stabilized video footage for unique camera perspectives, and traditional photography for events and personal promotion.
Need a website for your personal use or your small company, but don't want one of those cookie cutter sites with no soul. I will design a site I will guarantee not only your satisfaction, but it will place high on Google's website assessments tests to assure you that the site is exceptionally coded and constructed for speed and visitor usability. Sites are affordable and unique. You don't like it, you don't pay!
Fame, fortune, fast motorcycles and being a movie star are pretty meaningless when compared to what really matters in life. Have you ever wondered if there is purpose to life? Is there any evidence God exists? Did Jesus of Nazareth really walk the earth? Modern science isn't distancing humanity from belief in God, it's making God's existence more difficult to dismiss. If you dare to look, you will be astonished by what scientists and scholars are wrestling with today.
In 1985 I began my movie industry career. I have worked as a Stunt Coordinator, Performer and Precision driver. For more information, go to my "STUNTS" page, or click the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) link below and it will take you to my online resume.

1920 x 1080 black cat phone or tablet wallpaper  available on request