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Building Custom 1982, 1983 Suzuki Katana motorcycles has been my passion. I have been honored by having several of my resto-mod bikes featured in motorcycle magazines such as Canadian Biker, Rapid Bikes Australia and Streetfighters UK.
You can visit my custom, technical and katana parts pages by clicking the links above. The Custom site has some of my custom katana builds and the technical site will help anyone who is looking to do their own modifications to a katana or even a GS Suzuki 750, 1000 or 1100. After visiting those pages you may want to head over to the parts pages and pick up what you need to get your project completed.
I have been designing website for many years and I can build one for your personal use or your small company. The site will be coded properly and will be assessed by google insights to assure you that the site is exceptionally coded and constructed for speed and usability.
One of my passions is radio controlled aircraft and videography. I build my own aerial camera platforms with state of the art flight and camera stability technology for high resolution beautifully stabilized video footage for unique camera perspectives in the air and on the ground. The platform gives a dynamic perspective to media packages selling homes, businesses and landscaping companies. Aerial footage also lends itself to sports coverage, racing and aquatic videos where proximity to the action is problematic. Not so when you are in the air.
If you have an interest in movie stunts, aerial videography, website building or custom vintage motorcycles, you may enjoy my site. I have been a Stunt Coordinator, Performer and Precision driver since the mid 1980s. A quick click of the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) link above will take you to my online resume.
Have you ever wondered if there is purpose in living things and the universe in which they live? Does the Cosmos and living things show signs of an intelligence at work? Looking at the data has caused many scientists to change their dogmatic stance on this issue.
Latest discoveries in biology, archeology and cosmology are building a strong case for design and purpose in the universe. Evolutionary scientists are growing skeptical that evolution can produce the exquisite complexity we see in life. It is the faltering theory that is at the heart of a new book. Thomas Nagel who is an eminent professor of Philosophy and long time evolutionist recently published a very controversial book titled; "Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False"
Not only is it no longer unreasonable for scientists and engineers to consider that life and the cosmos is the result of planning and purpose, it is the best explanation of the modern data. For example, common traits among living organisms once thought to be the result of chance mutations, are now being considered to be the result of common design principal. Have a look at the Faith / Science page, and the Blog linked below, they may answer many questions you have had and change how you look at the world.
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